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Iron Oxide Powder
Iron Oxide Powder

Iron Oxide Powder: A Need In Medical Field

iron oxide powder
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It is well known that iron is the most common and the oldest metal found. A normal property of this metal itself can be made use of in many applications. Imagine when it is converted to a nano form. When it takes a nano form, it exhibits amazing number of properties and using these properties, they can used in many fields.

In the biological, chemical and the industrial areas, these are used extensively and especially in nano medicine this is a wonder product. It is an emerging interdisciplinary and when hybrid nano particles are being used here, it improves the diagnosis methods and helps in identifying the disease in earlier stage. This helps in the prevention and cure of the patients easily.

Excellent Magnetic Property of Iron Oxide Powder make it useful in many Fields

It is believed by the scientists and doctors that in medical field, iron oxide powder is the most suitable nano particle. As they possess high magnetic property, they are used in different chemical compositions and hence the most promising material for medical purposes.

It is also known that MRI scans are the most powerful scans. It is a powerful imaging tool and this is possible with the help of high spatial resolution inside it and also non-invasive. This is possible with the help of iron nano particles in the device!

In the drug delivery process, many nano particles gets rejected. This is due to the fact that they are toxic. Iron being non-toxic is useful in many of the cancer treatments. It helps to give that temperature elevation needed to kill the cancer cells.