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Copper Powder Suppliers

Copper Powder Suppliers: Establish Your Industry With This High Performing Nano Material

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Whenever the bulk material of the element is acted chemically and the resulting particle takes a nanometer dimension, they exhibit unique properties. Copper is one of the most common and readily available elements with a chemical symbol Cu. These in nano form become 99% pure and are readily available.

With nano materials being in use in more and more fields, the copper powder suppliers are also expanding their business and are going online. Today, one can order for nano materials from anywhere and can get from any supplier around the world. The ultra high pure copper nano particles are in high demand and they are found in an average of 70 to 100 nm in size.

If there is one powder that is too good an antibiotic, it is copper. These nano particles are used by the doctors as an antibiotic. The textile industry too takes this as an advantage. The anti-microbial and anti-fungal property of this particle is used in the fabrication process in textile industry. This keeps the clothes afresh! Even in the food supplements one can see a lot of copper supplements!

Copper Powder Suppliers offer high-graded Nano Particles

On an industrial scale, these are utilized as an efficient catalyst for its high active surface area. In the electronics industry a paste called electronic paste is common. This is made with the help of a nano copper.

It is well known that electronic circuits are made with the help of ink jet. Recently researchers have used copper nano particles in its preparation. This has resulted in showing very high performance with greater quality.